Field Ticket Required

Counter Menu -> Rental Return -> Field Ticket processing -> Field Ticket Required

A Field Ticket requirement can be set in the Company Invoice Parameters, so a Field Ticket# is required on every invoice.
On Account Field ticketed invoices do not post through the standard Daily Close 1.
Instead the Field Ticket Billing utility is used to approve, and compile charges to form a single invoice by customer.
Billing the selected field tickets merges the invoices and immediately posts them into Batch status ready for Daily Close 2.

e.g. An Engineer does work at several jobs, generating multiple invoice/tickets that need to be billed as a single invoice with engineer’s signature

Cash invoices also require a field ticket# but cash invoices do not require approval as payment is already received.
Cash invoices are posted through the standard Daily Close 1.

Assigning the Field Ticket on the Invoice:
This window can be used to assign the Field Ticket number to this invoice.
Field Tickets that are assigned by the software are prefixed with the letter 'C'.
The operator can over-type the Field Ticket# at the time it is created if required.

This window also provides the ability to approve the invoice in preparation for billing.
The Field Ticket number and the approval flag is reflected in Field Ticket Billing when the invoice is selected for billing.

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