Business Source

Counter Menu -> Contract / Counter Worksheet / Reservations / Miscellaneous Invoice -> Additional window -> Business Source window -> Business Source

Order Entry Menu -> Sales Orders -> Additional window -> Business Source window -> Business Source

Enter a Business Source or select one from the drop-down list as setup in Business Source Codes.

A flag in the Required Document Information of the Company Contract Parameters, can be set to make the Business Source a mandatory field on counter documents including Contracts, Invoices, Reservations, Quotations, and Worksheets.
When a Business Source is mandatory on a document, the Blank code is not allowed even if there is a blank code record in the Business Source Codes table.

This window can be triggered to open automatically to prompt for the business source, by the flag in the Additional Pop-Up Windows in the Divisional Contract Parameters, or if the field is mandatory.

A source analysis summary can then be printed from Business Source Report.

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