Revenue History

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information Inquiry -> window to Revenue History

Inventory Control Menu -> Inventory Inquiry / Detailed Inventory Inquiry -> window to Revenue History

Customer Contact Menu -> Customer Contact Information -> window to Revenue History

This inquiry shows the revenue generated for this product.
It can be accessed from the Revenue History window on Detailed Inventory Inquiry or Inventory Inquiry.

The reporting selection can be filtered by division, location, date, and additional search options. The additional search options provide the ability to further filter the output by invoice, customer, product, group, and/or class.
This revenue inquiry is not limited by Divisional Restricted Views.

Resulting Product Details:
The revenue records display in date sequence with Invoice #, Division, Product #, Customer #, Quantity, Rental or Sale, Revenue Amount per unit (where a return/refund shows as negative Revenue per unit), Cost each, and Margin.
Click the EXP/CON button or press <F9> to view Name of the Customer on the Invoice, the product description, any warranty charge, and any internal repair charge if there was a split billing generated from Work Orders.

A window is provided on the Invoice field to view the invoice header with the ability to drill down to all the particulars of the invoice as outlined in View Document Information.

On a REPAIRTRX generated from posting repairs on a completed Work Orders through the Daily Close 3, the window on the Invoice field displays the complete repair details of the product that was serviced.
Refer to Close Internal Work Order for information about the source of these fields.

Totals are displayed showing the total Quantity (sales/rental quantities minus returned/refunded units), total Revenue and total Unit Cost (reduced by any returned/refunded amounts) and the Margin.

Currency Exchange Impact On Revenue In Sales History:
If the exchange posting processing has been activated in the Support Application Parameters, the Revenue displayed here has been converted to your currency by the currency exchange percent in Currency Codes.
The actual unit and extended dollar amount from the invoice, can be viewed in the window on the Invoice # field.

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