Delivery Console

Counter Menu -> Deliveries & Pickups -> Delivery Console

Counter Menu -> Deliveries & Pickups -> Pickup Console -> DELIVERIES button -> Delivery Console

This utility can be used to review the current Delivery requirements and ticket status for each product detail on a contract.
For complete details on the delivery/pickup feature refer to Delivery and Pickup Ticket Overview.

A selection of Delivery records can also be accessed by clicking on the OUTSTANDING button at the bottom of the screen.

The prompts to view Delivery records for a specific contract include:

Enter the contract number or select it from the Contract Search window.
The customer name and shipping site name display.

The site name or shipping name is displayed from the source contract.

Click the ATTACHMENTS button to review and set any File Attachments associated with this document.
The link to an attached document will be passed on to any resulting documents created by converting the document to another document, such as a contract to an invoice.

Click ACCEPT or the ALT-A key combination to generate the delivery records for this contract.
Click CANCEL or the ALT-C key combination to exit the selection screen.

Resulting Delivery Console:
The product details display by sequence number with the Product #, Description, Quantity, Status, Details, Last Pickup Ticket # and Inspection count.

Products that have delivery or pickup details are identified with a * (asterisk) in the Del/Pick column.
For more information on these products such as exchange information or cancel ticket records, window in the Details column to access the Ticket Details window.

A window is provided in the Last PU # column to display the actual Pickup Ticket document on the screen.

The Insp column displays the number of associated Inspection forms with each item and the Delivery/Pickup Inspection Forms window is provided to view and print the inspection information.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Delivery Console screen are based on the delivery status of the product detail on the Contract or Delivery Ticket including:

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