Company Parameters

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System Tab -> Company & Divisions -> Company Parameters

The settings in this utility are company wide and can be used to customize the rental software to your firm's specific requirements.
Many of the options apply to documents, billing, taxing, inventory, posting, or security.

This utility can be accessed from the "Company & Divisions" parameters on the System tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the System - Company Parameters in order to access this table.
To navigate through the options click Tab on the keyboard to move to the first enabled option in the next section on the screen.

These parameters apply to all Divisions or stores in the company.
The settings that are controlled by individual Division can be accessed in Division Parameters.

Note: Because any changes to the Company Parameters and the Division Parameters can require file and process changes in the software, these two utilities cannot be accessed at the same time. A warning that the "Company Information is currently locked" is displayed when one or the other is in use.

A window is provided on each subject to access the tunable parameters for the company including:

Company Document Parameters                Company Setup Parameters
        Reservation Parameters                     Inventory Parameters
        Contract Parameters                        Rate Parameters
        Invoice Parameters                         Billing Parameters
        Estimate and W.O. Parameters               Daily Close Parameters
        Quotation Parameters                       Taxing Parameters
                                                   Posting Parameters
General Company Parameters                         Security Parameters
        Software Integration                       Customer Forms
        Miscellaneous Parameters                   Label Form Mappings
        Texada Parameters                          Lexicon Setup
                                                   Custom Parameters
Click ACCEPT to accept all changes to the parameters in each of the windows.
Click CANCEL to cancel any changes to the parameters.

Note: Any changes made to any parameters, with the exception of Software Integration, will not be applied until the Company Parameters are accepted.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Company Parameters screen include:

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