Product Availability

Inventory Control Menu -> Internal Branch Transfers -> Internal Transfer Console -> MAINTAIN button -> Internal Branch Transfers -> "Product# -> Product Availability

Products can be flagged to prevent a location or branch transfer when appropriate, by assigning a product Status code prohibiting transfers.

Refer to Product Status Codes for details on this feature.

This window is triggered when an operator attempts to transfer a product using Internal Transfer Console, Internal Transfer Worksheet, or Inventory Transfers, when it has be identified with a No Transfer status code.

The Product number and the explanation a for the code are displayed with the Status code and its description.
Click OK to acknowledge the warning.

Note: If the flag is not correct and the product should be available for rent, change the Status code assigned to that product, in Update Product Status Codes.
Alternatively, the flag settings for the Status code can be changed globally in Product Status Codes.

Topic Keyword: RSAR11 (3849)
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