Security Role Permissions

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security tab -> General Settings -> Security Roles -> window to Security Role Permissions

This Role Permissions menu can be accessed from Security Roles in the window on the Permissions field for each Role and can be used to define which options should be accessible for that operator Role.
The Role can then be assigned to each operator in Operators or in the Associated Operators window in the Security Roles table.

The Operator Security Report can be used to export a list of all operators with their security roles and their current SRM access information to a spreadsheet.

Note: When the external 'Authentication' feature is enabled in the Texada Support Parameters this "Security Roles" processing is disabled and the operator is redirected the to the User Management Menu on Texada Web.

The options include:

System Configuration

The five options in this list match the five tabs on the Configure System Settings.
Window on each option to access the Role Permissions where the items listed correspond to the items on each of the five tabs on Configure System Settings.

Check the appropriate Permit box for each item if this role should include access to that table, or should be allowed this functional capability.
The five System Configuration tabs include:

General Settings

These options provide the ability to control processing actions by Role.
A window is provided to set the Permit flag on the General Settings options as outlined in Role Permissions, including:

Click OK to accept the permission selection for this role and exit.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Security Role Permissions include:

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