Delete Waiver Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Accounting Tab -> Accounts Receivable -> Waiver Codes by Customer -> DELETE button -> Delete Waiver Codes

This utility can be used to permanently delete a waiver code that is not currently in use on a document.
It can be accessed by clicking the DELETE button on the Waiver Codes by Customer screen.
Only operators with role permission as setup in Security Roles have access to this utility.

Enter the Waiver code to be removed or select it from the drop-down list, and click ACCEPT.
Codes in use on a document and the Blank waiver code cannot be deleted and a spreadsheet is generated listing the document types and document numbers that are currently associated with that Damage Waiver code.
Only the first 500 incidences are listed.

When the waiver code is deleted from Waiver Codes by Customer, it is also removed from the Company Waiver Code Maintenance, Division Standard Waiver Settings, and Waiver Codes by Customer.

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