Division Standard Waiver Settings

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System -> Company & Divisions -> Division Parameters -> Contract Parameters -> Waiver Codes window -> Division Standard Waiver Settings

Once the waiver codes have been setup in the Waiver Codes window they can then be assigned a rate at the Company, Division, and/or Customer level as follows:

Company Default:
Waiver codes can be assigned a rate to be billed as a percent of eligible rentals, at the company level in Company Waiver Code Maintenance.

Division Level:
Waiver rates can also be defined at the divisional level in this Divisional Waiver Code Maintenance table on the Divisional Contract Parameters, that would over-ride the company rate if assigned to the same waiver code.
This window is disabled if the prompt to Charge Waiver is not checked in Divisional Contract Parameters.

Customized by Customer:
If the feature to Respect Waiver Codes By Customer has been activated in the Company Contract Parameters, rates can also be setup in the Waiver Codes by Customer window for eligible customers, that would over-ride both the company and division rates for the same waiver code.

When multiple waiver codes could apply to a document (e.g. loss, damage, etc.), a window is triggered in the rental document header to allow the operator to choose the waiver code for the document.

The prompts to define company waiver rates include:

The next sequential sequence number is assigned to track the records in this table.

Enter an existing waiver code to be assigned to this division or select one from the drop-down box as defined in Waiver Codes.

The waiver code description displays.

Enter the percent of eligible rentals to be charged at this division for this waiver code.

Click ACCEPT when all default rates for division are entered, or CANCEL to abort.

Waiver Rate on the Document:
The division rate over-rides the company rate for the same waiver code on documents from this division, but only applies if there are no unique rates for the customer for this same code.
Refer to Damage Waiver on Document for more information on the customer/document controls for Damage Waiver on the rental document.

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