Waiver Codes by Customer

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> Damage Waiver -> icon (when using 'Standard DW Calculation' option) -> Waiver Codes by Customer

If your firm is using the 'Standard Damage Waiver' formula, the ability to set multiple Damage Waiver rates for relevant customers can be activated by the Respect Waiver Codes By Customer feature in the Company Standard Waiver Settings, to allow customers to be charged different waiver rates on different rental documents.
Rental equipment can be flagged as eligible for Damage Waiver billing in the Rental Product Class.

Note: This feature is not available with the Alternate Standard DW Calculation option.

This window to customize waiver rates for a specific customer can be accessed by clicking on the icon beside the Damage Waiver field in Customer Information and the applicable rates for this customer can be entered as follows:

The next sequential sequence number is assigned to track the records in this table.

Enter an existing waiver code or select one from the drop-down box as defined in Waiver Codes.
  • Only codes flagged in Waiver Codes as Cust O/R can be assigned at the customer level to over-ride any rates for the same code at the division or company levels.
  • Only codes that match the Cash, and/or On Account customer Type as flagged in Waiver Codes can be assigned to corresponding type of customer.

Note: A waiver code can be assigned more than one time only at the customer level to allow a customer to use several different waiver rates for the same code. All codes for the customer will be included in the selection window on the document as outlined in Waiver Code Selection.

The waiver code description displays.

Enter the percent of eligible rentals to be charged to the customer for this waiver code.

Note: The waiver rate for this code for this customer will always over-ride any rate for the same code assigned at the company or divisional level.

Click ACCEPT when all rates for this customer are entered, or CANCEL to abort.

Update the Damage Waiver Percent on Open Documents:
If the Damage Waiver percent is changed on a DW Code that is unique for a customer (i.e. the DW Code is only listed once for the customer) and there are existing open documents for this customer using this code, the operator is prompted whether to also change and recalculate the waiver amounts charged on any open Contracts, Reservations, and Quotes.

Note: When the Use Damage Waiver Per Item Value Limits feature as activated in the Company Standard Waiver Settings, then open documents cannot be updated automatically when changes to the DW flag or Waiver percent are made in the Customer Information, so the prompt for this action is suppressed.

Determining the Waiver to Apply on the Rental Document:
If the customer does not have a unique rate defined for a waiver code, then the division waiver rate for the code applies, and if there is no division rate for a code then the company rate applies.
Refer to Damage Waiver for more information on the customer/document controls for Damage Waiver on the rental document.

Note: If the On Account flag for a customer is changed in Customer Information, the Waiver Codes displayed in the Waiver Code Selection as eligible for the document will be restricted to the new customer status.

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