Waiver Codes Selection

Search window -> Waiver Code field with the 'Standard Damage Waiver' formula -> Waiver Codes Selection

Once the waiver codes have been setup in the Waiver Codes table if your firm is using the 'Standard Damage Waiver' formula, they can then be assigned different rates at the company level in Company Waiver Code Maintenance, at the division level in Division Standard Waiver Settings, and/or at the customer level in Waiver Codes by Customer.

This waiver selection window is triggered on the rental document when multiple waiver codes could apply to allow the operator to choose the waiver code to be billed on this document. (e.g. loss, damage, etc.)
This window is suppressed if only one waiver rate applies to the document.

A default Damage Waiver flag of 'Yes/No/Optional 'is assigned to each customer in the Customer Information that can be over-ridden on the document, unless the Use Damage Waiver Per Item Value Limits feature is activated in the Company Damage Waiver Parameters and then this flag will be enforced, so that only customers flagged as 'Optional' have the choice to accept or decline the Damage Waiver on the document.

The parameter to Allow User Access to Waiver% in the Divisional Contract Parameters controls whether the operator also has the ability to change the percent rate charged for any waiver code in document entry in the header or in the Damage Waiver on Document pop-up window.
This divisional control is set according to the division of the document, regardless of the operator division.

Waiver Rate Selection for this Customer/Document:
The applicable waiver codes are listed with display the Type of waiver, Code, Sequence number, Description, and rate determined for the waiver code for that type or level.

When choosing the waiver from the selection window on the document, if both the company and the division have been assigned rates for the same waiver code, the percent for the division over-rides the company percent for that waiver code.
If company and/or division, and the customer have a rate setup for same code, then the percent for the customer applies.

Note: A waiver code can be assigned more than one time only at the customer level in Waiver Codes by Customer to allow a customer to use several different waiver rates for the same code. All codes for the customer will be included in the selection window on the document.

The list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required

To select a waiver rate from the displayed list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

If a waiver is not selected and should not be associated with this document, confirmation that the waiver is declined, is required.

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