Daily Close 1 Approval Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Customer Management Tab -> General Settings -> Daily Close 1 Approval Codes

This feature is activated when codes are setup in this table so that special V.I.P. customers can be assigned an approval required code in the Customer Information, so that all invoicing to that customer can be personally monitored before posting.
Invoices are checked when the Daily Close 1 is run and any requiring approval are put on Hold to delay posting in Daily Close 1 until the invoices are approved for billing and the Hold flag is released using Hold/Release Current Invoices or Daily Close Invoice Approval, or the hold period expires and the invoice is automatically released.

This feature does not apply to Credit Invoices that post through Credit Daily Close 1.

Until the invoice is approved, no prices or rates print on the invoice and a comment triggered by the Approval Code can be printed, with the exception of W.O. Invoices.
W.O. Invoices do print the amounts and totals for the service performed but the invoices will still be flagged On Hold for the Daily Close Invoice Approval alert.

If Crystal or Jasper forms are used to print the invoice before it is approved, the comment associated with the Daily Close 1 Approval Code replaces the document title in the header and also prints in the footer.
After it is release, a final invoice with pricing is automatically printed during the Daily Close 1 posting.

Invoices for customers requiring approval can be monitored using the Daily Close Invoice Approval utility.

Note: This processing cannot be utilized if your firm posts invoices using the Field Ticket processing that can be activated from the Invoice Parameters.

An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Customer Management - Daily Close 1 Approval Codes in order to access this table.

Setup the Approval Codes as follows:

The sequence number is assigned to track the records in this table.

Enter the approval code that can later be assigned to relevant customers in Customer Information.

Enter the description for this approval code.
e.g. Government Account, or V.I.P. Customer

Set the number of days that invoices using this Approval Code should be delayed from posting, before they are automatically released.
If no value is entered, then invoices for customers using this code must always be released manually in Daily Close Invoice Approval.

Note: The days to hold starts counting as of the Hold Date, that is set by and to the Daily Close 1 date.
This means that even back dated invoices will be held for approval before posting.
The Hold Date can always be manipulate to extend or shorten the hold period in Daily Close Invoice Approval.

A window is provided to enter the customer numbers that are eligible for this Approval Code or select them from the Accounting Customer Search window.
The customer telephone number is displayed.

Note: If the customer has already been assigned another Approval Code, a warning is generate and the new code replaces the other code.

Click the EXP/CON button to access the message fields where a comment can be entered, that will print on the invoice.

If Jasper or Crystal forms are used, the comment can be up to 45 characters and replaces the document title in the header.
It also prints in the footer.
If forms control is not being used, the size of the comment must be limited to 35 characters, else it will be truncated, and the comment prints in the header below the Shipping address.

If your firm services customers in different languages and uses the alternate language feature, enter the message text as it should print on the invoice for customers flagged to receive documents in the alternate language format.

Click ACCEPT to accept the codes, or CANCEL to abort.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Approval Codes screen include:

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