Multi-Tiered Customer Special Pricing

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information / View Customer Information -> Codes -> Special Pricing window -> Multi-Tiered Customer Special Pricing

Search window -> Customer # field in documents -> Customer Search -> Add New Customer On-The-Fly -> Multi-Tiered Customer Special Pricing

Each customer can be assigned optional special pricing that overrides the standard rates and prices, and divisional rates and prices.
This utility provides the ability to setup multi-level special rates and pricing to apply to this customer.
The Multi-Tiered Pricing feature can be activated in the Company Rate Parameters.
Changes to Special Pricing for the customer are tracked in the Audit Log.

When new customers are added on-the-fly, Special Pricing can only be changed from the default 'clone customer' values, if the feature to Change Special Pricing On-The-Fly is activated in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters and the operator has Security Role Permissions to the " Special Pricing On The Fly' option in the Document Field Access settings.

When the Enable Multi-Tier Pricing feature is activated the 'Tier 1, 2 & 3' columns for tiered special rental rates are included in the spreadsheet output of the Aged A/R Summary Report as setup for each customer in the Multi-Tier Custom Special Pricing window.

Note: A Rewards Program can not be assigned to a customer if the customer has already been assigned any rental or sale discount percents, trade discount percents, discount plans, special pricing, special rates codes, tiered prices or rates, loyalty plan or delivery/pickup billing code.
The fields are disabled if a customer has already been assigned a Rewards Code in the Customer Codes window.

The prompts are:

Sales Pricing:
Special pricing can be used to give the customer sales discounts based on volume purchases.
e.g. 10% discount for quantity over 50, etc.

How the Price is Selected:

Specific sales products can be entered and assigned an expiry date for various special pricing periods in the First Tier Sales Pricing window.
The number of products with special pricing records is displayed.

Note: First tier pricing does not apply to sales Groups or Classes.

Leave this field blank if the customer does not require a second level of pricing, or select a valid Price Code from the Price Code Search window.

This is similar to the Second Tier Price Code but with a lesser priority.
Leave this field blank if the Price Code does not apply, or select a price code from Price Code Search.

This third level price code can also be assigned to the customer in the Associated Customers window where the Price Codes are maintained.

Rental Pricing:
Special Rate Levels are setup in the "Rental Rates & Pricing" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings in Special Rate Codes.

Note: When the Multi-Tiered Pricing feature has been activated in the Company Rate Parameters, the Rate Level field in the Rental Period window on each document header is disabled.

The Priority by which the Special Rate is Selected:
The rate must be valid according to the expiry date, based on the document header date.

  1. Customer Tier 1 - pricing at the product group level
  2. Tier 2 Pricing - rate levels in priority sequence
  3. Tier 3 Pricing - specific rate level
  4. Division Special Rate - defined in the Divisional Rate Parameters
  5. Standard Rates - rate structure Rental Inventory or Groups

The Rental Simulation Spreadsheet can be used to test the impact of pending rate changes based on billed rental invoices in a selected period.

Note: Because the rental rate amount is determined separately for each rate code (i.e. Daily, Weekly, 4 Weeks) it is possible for the rate amount to be from a different calculation for each rate code.
e.g. Daily rate to be from a First Tier rate, Weekly from the standard product rate, Monthly from a Third Tier rates, etc.

First tier rental rates specific to the customer can be setup by Group with an expiry date for the special rental period, and flags to permit Trade and/or Rental discounts, as outlined in the First Tier Rental Rates.
If first tier rates are defined, the number of Groups in this tier is shown.

Tier 1 Groups and rates can also be updated using the Customer Pricing Management utility or Restructure Class/Group/Rates/Tag and the rate cards can be printed from Customer Rate Card.

Second Tier Rate Levels generally apply to type or category of customers.
A window is provide to maintain special rental rate levels for this customer, that are applied in sequence order, as outlined in the Second Tier Rental Rate Levels.
If second tier rates are defined, the first priority rate is displayed and the total number of rate codes in this tier is shown.

Tier 2 Special Rate Levels can also be updated using the Customer Pricing Management utility.

Leave this field blank if the customer is to pay standard rates, or select a rate level from the Rate Level Search window to give the customer special rates (i.e. a deal that this type of always gets).
If a third tier rate is defined, the rate code is displayed and the description is shown.

Leave this field blank if the customer is to receive standard rates, or select a rate type from the drop-down list to give this customer special rates by region as setup in Regional Rental Rate Types.

Note: If the customer has been assigned any First, Second, or Third Tier Special Rates, then the Matrix Rate Type is disabled and does not apply.

Leave this field blank or select a new Matrix Type from the window, if there is going to be a change in the customers rate category.
This provides the ability to record in advance when a Customer is to be upgraded to a better rate structure.
Enter the date when the new Regional Rental Rate Type should be applied.
Contracts, Reservations, Quotations, etc., with a Date Out later than this Effective Date, will use the New Matrix Type rates.

Some Rental stores may prefer to use the Discount Programs as incentive for preferred customers in place of Special Pricing programs.
The various discount plans can be setup in Customer Discount Programs with discount terms that encourage Rental Customers to pay their On Account invoices by the Date Due, in order to maintain their eligibility to receive discounts on future invoices.

If a Discount Program applies for this customer enter the program code, or select one from the drop-down list.

Discount program features include:

If no program code is entered, but the blank program code has discounts defined in Customer Discount Programs, then the discounts and eligibility will apply per the blank code.

Note: If a Time-Based Discount is given on a rental product, any Customer Discount Programs no longer apply for that product.

Click OK to accept the pricing and rate information and to exit back to the Customer Codes.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Multi-Tiered Customer Special Pricing screen include:

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