Delivery and Pickup Charges

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> Additional Info -> Delivery/Pickup Code- icon ->

The Delivery/Pickup Code entered in the Additional Customer Information screen, can be used to define special Delivery/Pickup rates for a preferred customer.

When a Delivery/Pickup Code is assigned to a customer, the associated charges for that code will override standard and divisional Delivery/Pickup rates when that Service Code is selected to bill for Delivery or Pickup for the customer.
This preferred customer rate becomes the default for that customer and can be over-typed on the document if required.

This window displays the charges for the code as setup in the Delivery and Pickup Pricing Codes, including each Delivery and Pickup service code with the description and the rate given to this code.
This rate could be a flat rate for Delivery/Pickup, or could be the rate per quantity, depending on the Prompt for Quantity flag in the corresponding Service Codes.

If no Delivery/Pickup Code is assigned to the customer, the standard Delivery/Pickup rates or the Group Delivery/Pickup Rates will apply.

Note: When Delivery/Pickup Codes are assigned to a customer, the Group Delivery/Pickup Rates processing by Groups is disabled.

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