Print Cylinder Delivery Ticket

Counter Menu -> Cylinder Transactions -> Print Cylinder Delivery Ticket

This option can be used to reprint an open cylinder delivery ticket created in Cylinder Entry, for the driver.

It prints in the standard document format with the billing and shipping information at the top, and can be printed on plain paper or using forms control for TX_RSCY10, as outlined in Customer Forms.

The product details list the delivery transaction#, cylinder product number and description, ordered quantity of cylinders to be delivered and the ordered quantity to be picked up.
The current balance for each cylinder transaction out at this site is also printed for reference.
The driver can record the actual quantities delivered and returned on this delivery ticket, in order to update the delivery transaction in Cylinder Entry with actual quantities on his return.

Delivery notes can be added in the Comments window in Cylinder Entry to print in the header of the Delivery Ticket along with the "Order Placed By" name and phone number captured in Cylinder Entry.
A general delivery ticket comment can also be designed in the Cylinder Settings in the Company Rate Parameters to be printed at the bottom of each ticket. This could include a billing comment or a request for the customer's signature, as explained in Cylinder Delivery Ticket Comments.

Note: Once a delivery transaction has been in closed, it is not included on the delivery ticket.

The prompts to print or re-print a cylinder delivery ticket include:

Enter the division or select it from the drop-down list provided.
The division defaults according to the operator's division control defined in Operators.

Enter the location or select it from the drop-down list provided.
The location defaults according to the operator's location control defined in Operators.

Enter the customer number, or select it from the Accounting Customer Search window.

If only a single contract exists for this customer, the site will default.

If multiple existing contracts exist for this customer the View Cylinder Contracts window is generated, providing the ability to select from existing contracts to determine the site.

Accept the customer's site number, or select it from the Site Search window.

If a single contract exists that matches the division, customer and site, the contract number will display.
If your firm allows multiple cylinder contracts per site, and more than one contract exists the View Cylinder Contracts search window is provided to view and select from those existing contracts.

Enter the ticket number to print or select it from the Delivery Ticket Search window.

A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click the ACCEPT button to begin printing the report, or CANCEL to abort.

The option to print the delivery ticket in the standard format or using Crystal or Jasper Forms is provided if Customer Forms has been activated and setup for this division.

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