Select a File to Upload

Generic Import Utility usually accessed from -> UPLOAD button / Import window -> Select a File to Upload

This utility can be used to import a file such as a pdf document, or an external ASCII data file, into a specific table within Texada SRM.
e.g. A pdf document can be linked to a Groups to be printed with documents as a Safety Sheet, or a "tab-delimited text file" with a .txt extension can be used to import Budgeting information in Import Budgets.

When data is being imported using a "tab-delimited text file", a spreadsheet Template is usually available from the relevant import function to provide the format required by the table.
When the data is completed in the spreadsheet, it needs to be saved as a "tab-delimited text file" to give it a *.txt extension and moved to the server to be ready to import.

Some of the imports include:

Miscellaneous Journals
Standard Journals
Import Security Roles
Import Budgets by Year
Import Budgets by Date
Bank Reconciliation
Customer Forms - ‘Jasper Appearance and Formatting’ window - [EDIT FORMS]
Import Min/Max Inventory Quantities
Vendor Parts Standard Import
Import Daily Close 2 ASCII File
Export Invoices -> Select Invoices
* Data Import
Import Contracts
Export/Import Vendor Information
Export/Import Customer Information - Customer Information or Insurance Comments
Export/Import Service Codes
Customers to Merge - IMPORT button
Export/Import Contacts
Application Menu - Import Custom Menus
Pricing Management Import
Price Codes - IMPORT button
Import Special Rates
Import Tax Codes By Postal/Zip
Import Replacement Costs
Import Lockbox Payments
Update Group Information - .xls format
Restructure Class/Group/Rates/Tag
Asset Tag Import
Export/Import Product/Group Min & Max
Export/Import Product/Group Rates
Export/Import Product Status Codes
Export/Import Spare Parts
Groups - Safety Sheet Name window - UPLOAD button
Groups - Alternate Language window for Safety Sheets - UPLOAD button
Group Safety Sheet Names - UPLOAD button
Export/Import Region Reservation Group Max
Update Product Make & Model
Export/Import Product/Class/Group URLs
Export/Import Asset Financing
Kits - IMPORT button
Order Codes - IMPORT button
P.O. Worksheet - IMPORT button
Export/Import Inspection Forms
Export/Import Group Inspection Forms
Maintenance Schedule - IMPORT button
Update Maintenance Schedule - IMPORT button
Group Maintenance Schedule -> Work Order Service Notes File window - SERVICE INSTR
Job Site Service Schedule - IMPORT button
Reporting Sets - IMPORT ITEMS button
Reporting Sets - IMPORT IDs button
Import Inventory Count into Worksheet From File
Inventory Cleanup
Update Master Product Make & Model List
Model Inspection Form Export/Import
* Post Import Rental Asset Revaluation
* Data Import/Export Tool - Import Mappings
Import GEOCode Taxes
Rouse Compliance
Import Approval Plus AP Invoices (uploads with unique source file name)
SmartEquip Compliance
Descartes - Export/Import Site Delivery
Descartes - Export/Import Group Delivery
* Server-Wide Messaging - (upload message detail)
* Operator Password Export/Import
Maintain External Resource URLs (Unix systems only to setup Texada Web/Mobile QR images)

* - the utilties marked with an asterisk are maintaince programs for use by Texada Support & Service staff only

This utility can be used to copy the pdf or "tab-delimited text file" from its source to the server, in preparation for importing.
A BROWSE button is provided to search for the file on the local hard drive on the MFC Client, and a CHOOSE FILE button is provided on an Browser or Open Client session.

Click ACCEPT or UPLOAD when the file and its source path are displayed in the File field.
Note: In some tables the application controls how the file is named and where the file is placed on the server, depending on the function and table that will be using it.

Error Conditions:

Errors in the import file that do not fit the requirements of the target table are displayed in an error log.
It depends on the target table whether some or none of the acceptable import records are uploaded.

File Size Limitation:
The file cannot exceed a filesize of 50MB.

Date Formatting:
It is the Windows 'short date format' in each session's "Windows Calendar Settings" which controls how Excel formats the dates when saving a spreadsheet to a tab-delimited txt file, so this needs to be configured to match the Date Format defined in the Company Information for your firm.

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