Contained In Cylinder

Inventory Control Menu -> Inventory Inquiry -> Re-Order Information -> Contained In Cylinder window ->

Some consumable sales products such as oxygen, propane, or water, require a container for the delivery and to complete the sale.
Refer to the Cylinder Settings section in Company Rate Parameters for an overview and for product and parameter setup information.

This window lists any containers that are associated with this sales product, as defined in the Make/Model and Re-Order Information window of the Rental Inventory.
The containers are listed by rental product number with the description and the capacity of that container.

When the container product is selected for delivery or sale in Cylinder Entry, the capacity of the cylinder is used to calculate the price to charge for the consumable sales product, as multiple containers can be linked to the same sales product.

Sales Product Pricing Formula:
Selling price = (cylinder capacity * price per unit of sales product) * number of cylinders

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