Convert Quote to Invoice

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> CONVERT button -> Invoice option -> Convert Quote to Invoice

This convert a quote directly to an invoice can immediately bill the sales items on the quote bypassing the reservation and contract documents.
Quotes with any rental items cannot be converted directly to an invoice because the billing information on the rental is not complete.

Role permission for operator access to the "Quote convert" utilities can be setup in the Document Field Access window of the Security Roles to enable or disable the CONVERT button on the Quotations screen.

The ability to convert a rental quote directly to an invoice is only provided if the Quote# selected in Quotations is "Auto Assign" or if the product details for the selected Quote# all have valid quantities, there are no Groups or rental products on the quote, and there is no deposit taken on that quote.

Quotes for a sale/disposal of rental equipment can only be converted to an invoice and cannot be converted to a contract or reservation.

Enter the quote number to be invoiced or look it up in the Quote Search window.
Quotes that can be converted are limited to the Divisional Restricted Views assigned to the operator.

Only rental quotes with sales items with valid quantities can be converted directly to an invoice.
If a quote with rental items or zero quantities is selected, the options to convert the quote to a contract or to a reservation are provided instead.

If this quotation has been converted before, the Honored Quotation Documents window is triggered.

If the customer has been entered in Bad Risk Customers a warning will appear on the screen with the relevant notes as outlined in Customer Activity Warning.
The customer can be flagged to allow or prevent further sales based on this risk level record.

If your firm required further security, the clerk may be prompted for a Reason Code to explain why the transaction was allowed as outlined in Prompt for Reason Code.
For more information on security features refer to System Security Overview.

The date of the source quotation will display.

Accept the auto-assigned invoice number or type in the desired invoice number.

The ability to over-type the invoice number is controlled by the Allow Custom Document# flag for RSIH defined in Last Used Transactions.
A warning is generated if the number has already been used.

Accept today's date or type in the correct date for the invoice.
Date Range Control:
This date will be used for posting the invoice to the Customer's Account and the General Ledger.
If the operator does not have date range override permission, the invoice date will be checked to make sure the date is valid against the date ranges set as acceptable in Date Range Control for RSIH. The date control feature helps prevent data entry errors.

The division of the quote is displayed.
This can be over-typed to apply to the resulting invoice only if the operator has permission as defined in Operators to over-ride the division on documents.

The location of the quote is displayed.
This can be over-typed to apply to the resulting invoice only if the operator has permission as defined in Operators to over-ride the location on documents.

Check this box to delete the quote after it is converted.
Uncheck this box to store the quote for reference or for repeat use.

Note: Once invoiced, deleted quote numbers are not written to the deletion log.

Click ACCEPT to create the invoice and to proceed with Invoice Details, or CANCEL to abort.

The business source can be entered in the Assign Business Source window.

A flag in the Required Document Information of the Company Contract Parameters, can be set to make the Business Source a mandatory field on counter documents including Contracts, Invoices, Reservations, Quotations, and Worksheets.
When a Business Source is mandatory on a document, the Blank code is not allowed even if there is a blank code record in the Business Source Codes table.

The Clerk Confirmation window is triggered in Rental Quotes and also in each of Convert Quote to Contract, Convert Quote to Reservation or Convert Quote to Invoice if the 'Record Clerk Accessing Quotes' flag is checked in the Company Security Parameters.
The Clerk that is captured in one of these convert utilities is then updated on both the source Quote and the resulting Invoice, Contract or Reservation.

If the operator has Security Role Permissions giving Access To Quotation Status Codes in the "Miscellaneous" window, a pop-up window will prompt to update the Status Code as outlined in Assign Quote Status Code.
If the operator does not have permission, the pop-up is suppressed and the quote is automatically updated to the Status Code defined in the Company Quotation Parameters.

If a serialized sales item has been included on the quote, the Serial Number Search window will open to select a serial # from this location. a window opens prompting for the specific serial number to be converted to an Invoice.

If no serial numbers are available, the invoice is created including the serialized sales part but the quantity is zero.
The invoice can then later be corrected, by assigning the quantity and serial number, or deleting the part # from the invoice.

If a sales item that is flagged to prompt for cost has been included on the quote, a window opens prompting for the cost.
The ability to enter a cost on is controlled by operator Security Role as flagged in the "Miscellaneous" window of Role Permissions.

The Disposal Reason Code window is triggered if a rental item is being sold, displaying the product number, description, quantity, and extended cost.
Select a reason for the disposal from the drop-down list as defined in Disposal Reason Codes.

If the rental product has been flagged No Sale in the Make/Model and Re-Order Information, a warning is triggered and the sale of the rental is not added to the invoice.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Convert Quote to Invoice screen include:

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