Items In Suspension Report

Inventory Control Menu -> Reports -> Items In Suspension Report

When new non-bulk rental equipment is purchased and received, the products can be allowed a preparation period before being included in the rental fleet. This is activated by the Suspend Upon Receipt flag set in the Group.
The number of days permitted for the setup period is controlled by the value set in the Days On Suspension After Product Received in the Company Inventory Parameters.
When the suspension period is up or the product is put on rent, the product is automatically updated as off suspension.

Note: To automatically lift suspension using the expiry date, the program RSPFS01 must be included in the Automatic Job Scheduling to run daily.

The suspension information for relevant products can be viewed in the Rental Information window of Rental Inventory and updated in the Product Suspension Information utility if required.

Resulting Non-Bulk Product Output:
This report can be used to generate a spreadsheet listing all non-bulk rental equipment currently on suspension.
The list includes the product number, description, Product Class, Group, Depreciation Class, quantity, Fixed Asset Tag, Purchase Order#, receipt or created date, suspension expiry date, inventory location, and P.O. Cost.

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