Product Suspension Information

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When non-bulk rental equipment is received into inventory in Warehouse Receiving, it can be automatically flagged as "suspended" to allow for a preparation or setup time, only if the product belongs to a Group that is set to Suspend Upon Receipt.
The suspension period is based on the receipt date plus the Days On Suspension After Product Received defined in the Company Inventory Parameters, or is immediately terminated if the equipment is rented.
It causes the product to be excluded from the Utilization analysis statistics.

This utility can only be accessed if the operator has been assigned a Security Role that allows permission to Access To Product Suspension Info in the "Miscellaneous" window of the Security Role Permissions.

Note: To automatically lift suspension using the expiry date, the program RSPFS01 must be included in the Automatic Job Scheduling to run daily.

This utility can be used to view and update the suspension dates and flags for eligible non-bulk rental equipment.
The prompts are:

Enter the starting product number for the range.

  • Type ALL to include all non-bulk products from all rental classes in the list.
  • To generate the list for a single Product Class, enter the class or select it from the Product Class Search window.
  • Type SEL to select a range of Product Classes to include in the list as outlined in Select Product Classes.

Resulting Non-Bulk Product List:
If the products are selected based on a Starting Product# the products are listed in product number order, regardless of Product Class.
If products are selected based on a Product Class they are listed in product number within class.
The information includes:
The sequence numbers track the records in the table.

The non-bulk rental product number is displayed.
Only non-bulk rental products from Groups with the Suspend Upon Receipt flag activated, are included in the list.

The non-bulk rental product name is displayed.

The rental Product Class for this product is displayed.

This is the date that the product was flagged as suspended.
Usually it is updated when the product is received in Warehouse Receiving, but can be over-typed manually if required.

Uncheck this box to remove the suspended flag for this product.
Check this box if this non-bulk rental should be flagged as suspended.

This date is maintained by the system if the suspension period expires, or if the product is rented.
It can also be manually entered to end the suspension period if the On Suspense flag is unchecked.

If suspension is terminated because of a rental transaction such as a contract, the date Off Suspense is the date the rental was entered, not the document or renting date.

Click ACCEPT to accept and update the product suspension information.

Note: The suspension information for relevant products is also reflected in the Rental Information window of Rental Inventory.

The Items In Suspension Report can be generated to list items currently in the suspension period.

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