Password Controls

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security Tab -> General Settings -> Password Controls

Each Operator must enter a valid password to access the software and to control security, functionality, and identification for individual users.
Passwords can be set in Operators, Set Password, and in Change Password in All Divisions.

An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Security - Password Controls in order to access this table.

Note: When the external 'Authentication' feature is enabled in the Texada Support Parameters this "Password Control" processing is disabled and the operator is redirected the to the User Management Menu on Texada Web.

A password cannot match the operator sign in code (often his initials) or the sign in division, and must contain both alpha and numeric characters.

Note: Restrictions are disabled if not value is set.

The prompts are:

This option is only available to Texada Support staff as outlined in Operator Password Export/Import.

Set a minimum number of characters required when an operator is defining his password.
If this field is left blank there is no minimum length requirement.

Set the maximum number of times an operator can enter an invalid password before his account becomes locked.
If no max is set, the default becomes 5 tries before the operator account is locked.

Once an account is locked, only another operator with Security Role Permissions to release it, can unlock the account as outlined in Enable or Disable Operator Login.

This setting can be used to control how soon an operator re-use a previously used password.
Set the number of last-used passwords that are too recent and cannot be re-used by the operator.
Any passwords older than this count, are no longer tracked and can be re-used.

After a new operator account is setup in Operators, if the operator has not logged in the number of days defined in this parameter, the account becomes locked until it is released in Enable or Disable Operator Login.
Once the account has been re-enabled, the Max Inactive Days For New Accounts no longer applies to that account, and when the operator eventually does login, he will be prompted to change the password as outlined in Set Password.

For system security, each operator's SRM software access password should be changed regularly.
Enter the number of days, before passwords expire and must be changed for each operator.

If this field is left blank, the password expiry check is not activated.

Password Expiry Days can also be set in the Company Information.

The software maintains this date.

When the password expires, and an operator attempts to sign into SRM, the screen warns that the password has expired and prompts for a new password as outlined in Set Password.

Forced Password Change:
If a security problem arises and your firm needs to force a change of all SRM passwords, this Password Last Expired date can be backdated past the Password Expiry Days so that operators will be required to change their passwords at the next login.
e.g. If Password Expiry Days is 30, set the Password Last Expired date back over a month.

Password Expiry Days can also be set in the Company Information.

Click ACCEPT to accept changes, or CANCEL to abort.

Note: Any restrictions are disabled if there is no value set for it in this utility,

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