Enable or Disable Operator Login

Sign On Screen -> Main Menu -> SET PASSWORD button -> UNLOCK USER button -> Enable or Disable Operator Login

This utility provides the ability to lock or unlock login accounts for any operator in any division in the company.
Only operators assigned a Security Role that allows permission to Reset Locked Accounts in the "Reset Flags" window of the Security Role Permissions, will be able to access this utility.
Any action triggered by this utility is tracked in the Delete Log.

Note: When the external 'Authentication' feature is enabled in the Texada Support Parameters this "Password" control processing is disabled and the operator is redirected the to the User Management Menu on Texada Web.

An account can be disabled automatically if too many attempts were made to sign in using an incorrect password as defined in Password Controls.
Account access can also be controlled for a specific user by the Login Disabled flag in Operators.

The prompts are:

Enter the System ID assigned to the Operator or select it from the Operator Search window, or leave this field blank to select by operator name.

Note: If a System ID is selected, the Operator Name Matches field is not used.

Leave this field blank to include all operators for all divisions in the list, or enter a character or characters to narrow the search, so that only operators having that character sequence anywhere in their names are listed.

Select one of the following filters:
  • Select Disabled to only list operators currently flagged as disabled in Operators.
  • Select Enabled to only list operators currently flagged as enabled in Operators.
  • Select Both to list all operators that match the Operator Name Match criteria.

Resulting Operator List:
The operators are listed alphabetically by name with the operator code, division and current disabled status.
Check or uncheck the Disabled box as required.
Click ACCEPT to update these operators or CANCEL to abort any changes.
When an Account is locked or a lock is reset in this utility, a record is written to the Delete Log for the Function GLOP14.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Enable/Disable Operator Login screen include:

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