Create Purchase Orders

Counter Menu -> Reservations -> CONVERT button -> Convert Reservation to Contract -> Create Purchase Orders

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> CONVERT button -> Convert Quotation to Contract -> Create Purchase Orders

Counter Menu -> Counter Worksheet -> Convert to Contract action -> Create Purchase Orders

When an eligible re-rent product, sales product, or service is put on a document that is being converted to a contract, the operator is always provided the option to Create Purchase Orders by selecting the product to order.
Then the P.O. details can be captured in the resulting Purchase Order Information window.

Refer to Contract/Purchase Order Link Overview for details on this feature and for determining products 'eligible' for this order method.

This window can be used to select the product to be ordered for this contract, as follows:

The contract number and the customer name are displayed for reference.

The sequence number indicates the position of the transaction on the contract product details or service details.
Service transactions have an S prefix and product details transactions have a D prefix to identify the source.

The product number or service code is displayed.

The product description or service is displayed.

The product status of O for Out, or SVC for service product is displayed.

The quantity for this detail line is displayed and if a P.O. is create the full quantity will be ordered.

The price for the product or the amount charge for the service on the contract, is displayed.

Uncheck this box if a P.O. should not be created at this time to order this product.

Check this box to immediately generate a Purchase Order for this product or the product associated with the service, and enter the P.O. details in the Purchase Order Information window.

The Purchase Order number is displayed if a P.O. has been created to order this product.
This is information only and cannot be changed.

Click ACCEPT to exit and continue with the contract.

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