Rate Discount Tracking Report

Reports Menu -> Commissions -> Rate Discount Tracking Report

This spreadsheet output can be used to review and analyze rental discounts given on contracts, using division, customer, and date filters.
It provides details on how much of a rental discount has been given by rental product on a contract on negotiated rates, as well as how much counter staff are giving on rate over-rides, and the document salesman.

In interpreting the report it is the differences in the three 'Extended' rate columns that are key:

Resulting Spreadsheet output:
The values on the spreadsheet represent the detailed rental rate information captured from the contract that is included on the report when the billing invoice is posted.
The values on the spreadsheet do not include Special Discount rates, even though the inquiry does in View Document Rates.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Rate Discount Tracking Report selection screen include:

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