File Attachments

Accounts Receivable Menu ->
Customer Information / Customer Site Information -> File Attachments
View Customer Information -> Customer Information window -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments
Customer Information-> /Customer Site Information -> Contact Information -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments

Customer Contact Menu -> Customer Contact Information -> Contact Information -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments

Accounts Payable Menu ->
Vendor Information -> File Attachments window ->
Vendor Information -> Contact Information -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments
A/P Invoices / A/P Invoices by Purchase Order -> File Attachments
Vendor Account Inquiry -> A/P Invoice Details -> File Attachments

Inventory Control Menu ->
Sales Inventory / Rental Inventory -> File Attachments
Inventory Inquiry -> File Attachments
Detailed Inventory Inquiry -> File Attachments

Texada Web Stand-Alone Menu -> TW - Customer Information/TW - Parts/TW - Assets -> File Attachments

Counter Menu / Work Order Menu / Order Entry Menu ->
"Document #" field -> Search window -> Detail Drill down -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments (view only)
Document Header -> 'Additional Information' options -> File Attachments
Document Details -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments
Document Inquiry Drill Down -> View Document Information -> Document Details -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments
Delivery Console / Pickup Console -> ATTACHMENTS button -> File Attachments
Delivery Console / Pickup Console -> CREATE button -> Create Delivery/Pickup Ticket -> File Attachments

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings ->
Accounting Tab -> Rental Product Classes / Sales Product Classes -> File Attachments
Operations Tab -> Groups -> File Attachments

Multiple external documents or images can be associated with a document or a record in a data table using the Attachment feature when the directory is defined in the Directory for Attachments field in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters with the associated setup information.
If the attachment directory is not defined, then this feature is disabled.

The Export/Import Product/Class/Group URLs utility can be used to export existing URL information to a spreadsheet and to bulk import updated URLs or to delete URLs from the 'Attachments' tables for the Product Class, Group or Product record.
The Inventory Clean-Up export/import utility can be used to update URLs for rental and sales products.
Up to 10 attachments can also be updated for a Group by the Update Group Information export/import utility.

When attachments are linked to a document, the link is passed on to any associated documents that result from a Convert utility, however the attachments do not print when the document is printed and are not emailed when the document is emailed.
e.g. An image of equipment is attached to a Reservation so when that Reservation is converted to a Contract the image is also linked to the resulting Contract.

Note: Attachments cannot be added or deleted in the "Play Data" company, because the directory configured for attachments would be the same for "live" and the copied "play" company.

Attachments Tab:
The files are listed in the File Attachments window as follows:
The user defined description of the file is displayed.
The file type is displayed, such as pdf, image, txt, URL
File allowed for attachments can be restricted by extension as stipulated in the Valid Attachment File Types table.
Photos from Texada Web Dispatch are displayed as "File Type" URL
Attachments from Texada Web In-Yard-Return and from Texada Web Work Orders are displayed as "File Type" image
The date and time that the attachment was added to this table is displayed.
The Texada Web sources of the attachments include 'YARD' from an In-Yard-Return, and 'DEL N' or 'PICK N' from Deliver/Pickup Tickets.
If the attachment is from a Delivery or Pickup Ticket, the Ticket# displays.
The operator who generated the attachment is displayed.
The 'Internal Filename' is only useful and is only displayed to the SCS user.

Associated Tab:
The Associate Tab is a second tab that displays attachments from other related sources.
The columns on the tab are the same as in the Attachments Tab with the addition of a "Linked To" column to indicate the source document, customer, product, etc.

When the Associate Tab is accessed from the Customer Information, View Customer Information, or from Vendor Information all attachments linked to records or documents associated with the customer or vendor.
e.g. Contacts, Sites, Contracts, Invoices, Work Orders, Delivery/Pickup Console, etc

When the Associate Tab is accessed from a Document, it includes any direct attachments for the document Site, the products and groups on the document.
It also includes attachments from any source documents, such as an attachment added on a contract that is then converted to an invoice.
For confidentiality purposes, any Customer attachments are not pushed to the documents.

When the Associate Tab is accessed from a product or product inquiry, it includes any attachments for the Product Class and Group.

Resulting List:
The list of attachments on either tab can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required.
To open and view the contents of a file, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

Disk Usage:
The volume of disk space currently used by attachments in the Directory For Attachments defined in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters is displayed at the bottom of the window, with the maximum Gigabytes space allocated and the percent used.

If this usage value becomes out of sync, click the Configure- Gear icon on the right to force a recalculation.

Note: When attachments are deleted there could be a delay in reflecting the change in disk space usage, as this space released by the deletion is not reflected until the screen returns to the menu.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the File Attachment screen include:

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