Delivery / Pickup Service Ranking

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Accounting tab -> Accounts Receivable -> Service Codes -> DELIVERY RANK button -> Delivery / Pickup Service Ranking

Multiple Service codes with varying rates can be setup for Delivery and for Pickup to handle the different transport requirements.
This ranking table only applies to Service Codes defined as Type D for Delivery or Pickup charges when a new Contract, Reservation, Counter Worksheet or Quotation is initially entered, or on Delivery/Pickup Tickets when the service is calculated by the ticket instead of the Contract.

The table lists all the Type D Service Codes with the code and description and provides a field to set a rank for each code.
Then when multiple products from Groups designated with Type D services, are included on a document this rank value is used to determine which pricing applies on that document for the delivery or pickup charges.

Because the list includes both Delivery services and Pickup services, use a different numbering scheme when ranking the two different types of services.
Multiple Type D Service Codes can carry the same rank, with the higher value indicating a higher rank.

e.g. for Delivery services start the rank at 100:

101 = Cube Van
103 = Trailer
104 = Flatbed

and for Pickup services start at 500:

502 = Pickup Truck
503 = Trailer
504 = Flatbed

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