Clone a Purchase Order

Purchase Order Menu -> Purchase Orders -> CLONE button -> Clone a Purchase Order

This utility can be used to create a new Purchase Order by making a copy of an existing Purchase Order, copying the customer and header information and copying the products and order quantities to the new P.O. as of today's date.
This action is only enabled by the CLONE button on Purchase Orders if the operator has a Security Role with permission to Clone a P.O. as defined in the "Miscellaneous" controls window of Security Role Permissions.

The prompts are:
Enter the existing source P.O. that is to be copied or select it from the Purchase Orders Search window.

Check this box to use the List Prices currently set in the product file on the new P.O.
Uncheck this box to use the prices from the original source P.O. on the new Purchase Order too.

Accept the new auto-assigned Purchase Order number, or type in the preferred number.

The ability to over-type the auto-assigned document number is controlled by the Allow Custom Document# flag for the document type defined in Last Used Transactions or by the division in Last Used Transactions by Division.
A warning is generated if the number has already been used.

Click ACCEPT to proceed to create the new P.O. or CANCEL to abort.

Resulting Purchase Order:
The new P.O. will be dated the current date, and provides the ability to use the original prices or to respect the current List prices.
The Delivery By date will be calculated for each item using the Vendor Lead Time based on the current date.
Any Contract, or W.O. links on the source P.O. are not transferred to the new P.O.
Quantities as a result of receivings on the source P.O. will not be transferred as already received on the new P.O.

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