Document Re-Print Log

Document Reprints -> Print or Email option -> Document Reprint Log

Back Office Menu -> Daily Close 1 -> Print Released Approval Invoices -> Document Reprint Log

Back Office Menu -> Daily Close 2 -> Print Invoices -> Document Reprint Log

Back Office Menu -> Cycle Billing -> Print Invoices -> Document Reprint Log

Purchase Order Menu -> Inventory Re-Ordering -> Generate P.O. From Worksheet -> Document Reprint Log

This log is generate after a batch of documents such as Quotes, Contracts, Invoices, Orders, Estimates, etc. is generated, to indicate whether the documents were printed, faxed, or emailed.
The log lists the document type, number, customer or vendor number, name, and the action including print status or the recipient of the emailed document.

The log is not generated from the document entry programs as only a single document is being printed or emailed, nor is the log generated for Delivery and Pickup Tickets as these are also printed and emailed individually.

All emails including automated Contact emails are tracked in the email audit file that can be reviewed in View Email Log.

Emailing can be configured in the Company Email Configuration and the automatic Contact email feature can be activated from the Use Contact Document Emailing in the Company Email Configuration.

Note: The email process cannot validate the actual email address, so this log includes recipient addresses that may not be valid.
However if an email address is not valid then an email "bounced back" warning from the 'Mailer Daemon' will return a Delivery failure to the From address.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Document Reprint Log screen include:

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