Loyalty Plan Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Customer Management Tab -> General Settings -> Loyalty Plan Codes

Loyalty Plans can be setup in this table to be assigned to selected customers or to be manually selected on rental documents, to give the customer a discount on rentals on Worksheets, Contracts, Reservations, Invoices, and Quotes, based on a loyalty card.
The Loyalty Plan discount replaces any rental discount assigned to the Customer Information or Site Information.

Note: Rental Products flagged to disallow discounts in the Rental Product Class are not eligible for any Loyalty Plan discounts.

An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Customer Management - Loyalty Plan Codes in order to access this table.

Over-Ride Tracking:
If the Loyalty Plan is changed on the document, the discount change is automatically written to a report Print Override Report so that management will be aware of when discounts have been given by a counter clerk.
For tighter security, the Reason Codes On Override can be activated in the Company Security Parameters to require a reason or password in order to change a discount.

Note: If the Loyalty Plan is changed on the header of an existing document, any additionally added rental products will be given the discount per the new plan but any existing rental product details are not automatically updated with the discount amount from the new plan.

The prompts are:

Enter a two digit alpha/numeric code to represent this plan.

Enter a defining description for the loyalty plan.
The Loyalty Plan description is included on the Comments to print on the Contract.

Uncheck this box if this plan should not be available for use on the document and there is no discount percent associated with it.
Loyalty Plans not checked to allow a Rental Discount are excluded from the Loyalty Plan Selection window when it is triggered from a document, but can be assigned to the Customer Information in the Customer Codes window.

Check this box to set the discount percent to apply to rentals on the document.
This discount percent will over-ride then customer/site discount percentage on the document header.

Enter the rental discount percent.
e.g. 5% would be entered as 5.00

Note: Deleting a Loyalty Plan from this table removes the discount percent from use, but does not remove the Plan code from assignment in the Customer Codes window, nor does it remove any discounts given on existing documents.

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