Website Categories

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Accounting Tab -> Inventory -> Rental Classes / Sales Classes -> Website Options window -> Website Categories

Website Categories can be setup in the Rental and Sales Product Classes to organize how inventory is displayed on the web services Portal allowing for two to four levels of categorization.

Each website category can have Groups associated directly, or can have one subcategory level, and then Groups beneath that subcategory. This allows organization of inventory to be reflected on the web service with two to four level.
Levels options could include:

  1. Product Class -> Group
    (This is the same as the standard class/group structure)
  2. Product Class -> Category -> Group
    e.g. Scissor Lift -> sizes of lifts -> Groups

  3. Product Class -> Category -> Subcategory -> Groups
    e.g. Lifts -> Scissor or Boom-> sizes -> Groups

The prompts to setup the Website Categories for this Product Class are:

The sequence number tracks the number of records in this table for this Category.

Enter up to a 3 character code to represent this Category.
This must be a unique code within the same Class, but can be re-used within different classes or subcategories within a class.

Note: Product Class numbers, Group numbers, Category numbers and Subcategory numbers cannot contain the "|" (pipe) character as this is not interpreted correctly in a browser, and an error will be triggered preventing its use.

Enter the description of this category that as it is to be displayed on the web services Portal.
This is a mandatory field.

Check this box if this category has any subcategories associated with it.
The Website Subcategories window will be generated when the new Category record has been accepted, and in Change mode the Website Subcategories window can be accessed from the Details field.

Uncheck this box if there are no subcategories are linked to this category, and when the new Category record has been accepted the Website Category Groups window will be triggered.
In Change mode the Website Category Groups window can be accessed from the Details field for this Category.

This field does not apply to Sales Classes.

Check this box if the Category itself is reservable and a Group can be selected in the Group for Rates field to define the rate structure for the category.

Uncheck this box if this Category is only meant to help organize the product Groups, and cannot be reserved itself.

The window on this field is only active in Change mode after the Category record has been accepted.
In Add mode it opens automatically to one of the following tables, depending on whether the Category is flagged by the Has Subcat checkbox to have subcategories:
  • Website Subcategories
    The Website Subcategories window is generated if the Category has been flagged to allow subcategories, and then no Groups can be associated directly with the Category.
  • Website Category Groups
    The Website Category Groups window is generated if the Category does NOT allow subcategories, so that the relevant product groups can be assigned.

Enter the optional image name for the picture representing this Category of products on the website.

An optional URL can be defined when the Category is viewed in the Shopping Cart feature, to provide a direct Link to a vendor's website to display the product specification information.
This is a convenient method of keeping your equipment specs current with the vendor's without requiring constant updating of your own company Group information.

This field does not apply to Sales Classes.

If the Category is flagged as Reservable, enter a Group on which to base the rate structure for the Category, or select it from the Group Search window.
This is a mandatory field if the Category is Reservable for Rental Classes.

For example, if "20' Scissor Lifts" is a category, a group can be picked to display pricing for this category, where some individual groups could have higher rates because they have additional features.

When the Category records are complete, click ACCEPT.

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