Customer Survey Configuration

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System -> Company & Divisions -> Division Parameters -> Divisional Miscellaneous Parameters -> Activate Customer Survey Processing icon -> Customer Survey Configuration

When the Activate Customer Survey Processing is enabled for a division, Contracts can be flagged in document entry to generate a Customer Satisfaction Survey and email it to the eligible Contacts at the time the Contract is closed in Rental Return.

This configuration utility can be used to setup the format of the Survey.

Note: An existing Customer Survey Configuration can be copied from one Division to another using the Copy Rental Division Parameters utility.

Survey text tab:
This tab can be used to design the survey text employing html code, with the divisional logo, and a URL to access the survey defined on the Other Settings tab, embedded in the text.

Other Settings tab:
This tab can be used to define the Survey URL and the Company Logo.

Customer/Document Control Setup:
  1. Set the default for the Send Survey flag on the document header in the Additional Information window.
  2. Set the default for receiving Satisfaction Survey Email when new Contacts are added in Contact Information.

Note: The Satisfaction Survey which will be emailed to relevant contacts when this feature is activated, even if the Use Contact Document Emailing feature is not activated in the Company Email Configuration.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Customer Survey Configuration screen include:

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