Update Customer Reward Programs

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Reward Dollar Menu -> Update Customer Reward Programs

This utility can be run to generate a worksheet and to re-assign the appropriate Reward Program code to each eligible On Account customer based on the business activity during the month.
This option is not accessible or visible on the menu when the Reward Program feature is not activated.

Customers cannot have been assigned any rental or sale discount percents, trade discount percents, special pricing, special rates codes, tiered prices or rates, loyalty plan or delivery/pickup billing code, and need to maintain a certain amount of business during the month as defined by the Reward Program, to qualify for that level of rewards dollars.
Reward dollars are then given based on a percentage of that billable activity also defined by the Reward Program level, that can be applied to pay open account balances.
Ideally this utility should be run each month to reset the Reward Code assigned to the each On Account customer in the Customer Codes, based on the previous month's activity.

Child customers are not reflected on the screen, though the Reward Program will be updated if the Parent Reward Code is updated.

The prompts include:

In Add mode the new worksheet name defaults to the name of the operator currently signed in.
This can be accepted or over-typed with a more appropriate name as required.

In Change mode, select an existing worksheet that has not yet been applied, from the drop-down box.
The selection filters display how that worksheet was constructed, and are only enabled if the worksheet is being rebuilt.

Once a worksheet is accepted and has updated the customer Reward Code set in the Customer Codes window of the Customer Information, the worksheet is automatically deleted and no longer appears in the drop-down box.

If a worksheet is not going to be applied and is no longer useful, it can be deleted.
To delete a worksheet, click Delete mode, or F7 before selecting the worksheet, and then after selecting the worksheet to delete from the drop-down box, click Accept.
Confirmation to delete is required.

Check this box if a new worksheet is being created, or if an existing worksheet has been selected but needs to be cleared and updated with current information.

Uncheck this box if an existing worksheet needs to be reviewed and/or processed.
The other filters display the original selection and are disabled as they have already been applied.

Accept the last day of last month default, or enter any date in the preferred month to convert to that month end.
Posted business activity will only be considered for that month.

Inactive codes can be assigned to allow Reward Programs to be setup and assigned in advance of actual activation, but customers that do get assigned an inactive Reward code, will not accumulate reward dollars as long as the code remains inactive.

Uncheck this box if Reward codes flagged as "not active" in the Reward Program table, should not be considered by this utility when determining the new Reward Program codes to recommend for customers based on the month's activity.
Check this box if Reward codes flagged as inactive in the Reward Program table, should be assigned to customers who are eligible for that level of the program.

  • Type ALL to include customers from all divisions in the output.
  • To only list customers for a single division, leave this field blank for the Head Office Division, or enter a specific division code, or select a division from the drop-down list.
  • Type SEL to select several specific divisions or divisions by customer region to include in the output, as outlined in Division Select By Region.

Note: This program does not respect the operator's Divisional Restricted Views.

Uncheck this box to list all On Account customers regardless of the Reward Code currently assigned or recommended to be assigned.
Check this box to only list customers that should be re-assigned a differed Reward Code because increased or decreased activity in the month causes them to be eligible for a different Reward Program.

Note: Cash customers are not eligible for Reward Programs and are never included in the worksheet.

Click CANCEL to abort or click ACCEPT to generate the list of On Account customers as follows:

Resulting Reward Program Worksheet:
The Worksheet header information includes the Worksheet Name and the Cutoff Date which represents the last day of the Month that is being used to determine business activity for this worksheet.
The Changes Only flag indicates whether this spreadsheet reflects all On Account customers or only On Account customers that should have a change made to their Reward Code because their business activity level has changed.
The customer numbers are listed in numeric sequence including all On Account customers, or only those that should be updated, according to the Changes Only filter selected for this worksheet.

Child accounts are not listed on the worksheet screen, but are included in the report or spreadsheet output, and will be assigned the Parent's Reward Code if updated.

The corresponding customer names are listed.

The dollar activity total for the month ending as of the Cutoff Date is displayed.

Child account activity is included in the Parent account activity, and the Parent Reward Dollar plan is also re-assigned to the child accounts in Customer Codes.

Based on the selected month's business activity and the values defined for each program in the Reward Programs, the recommended Reward Code is displayed in this column.

This recommended code can be manually removed or changed if required, and a Reward Program Search window is provided to view and select from available codes.

Note: If changes are manually made to this field on the worksheet, the changes will remain on the worksheet until it is processed or until it is rebuilt.

The description for the recommended New Code is displayed.

The Reward Code currently assigned to the customer in Customer Codes is displayed.

The description for the Current Code is displayed.

Click CANCEL if this worksheet is not to be processed and customer records are not to be updated at this time.
Any manual changes to the New Code will be saved on the worksheet.

Click ACCEPT to update the customers with the new codes saving them in the Customer Codes window.
Confirmation is required, as these changes cannot be reversed.
A spreadsheet is generated listing the customer records including associated Child customers, that have been updated by this program.

Note: When the Reward Codes in Customer Codes are being updated by this program, a record lock will occur if another session has the Customer Information screen open for a customer that needs to be updated.
The program will remain locked until the other session exits and releases the Customer record.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Update Customer Reward Programs screen include:

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