System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System -> Company & Divisions -> Company Parameters -> Software Integration -> Concur

The Concur feature provides the ability to import an external transaction file generated by Concur Solutions in a specific file format for expense exports, into the Miscellaneous G/L Transactions.
The CONCUR IMPORT button in Miscellaneous G/L Transactions accesses a list of New files that have not yet been imported, and any Unposted files which have been imported and assigned a Journal trx#, as well as the Posted files that have already been written to the G/L.
Once a file has been imported the Debit expense transactions populate the Miscellaneous G/L Transactions table and the balancing Credit transaction defaults from the Bank G/L Account setup in the Concur configuration.

The Document Field Access in Role Security can be used to control operator access to this button and import action.

Files that have been imported and posted are tracked, logging the operator and ensuring the same file is not re-imported a second time once it has been posted.

Note: This feature is only available for Linux systems.

The prompts to activate telematic monitoring include:

Check this box if this is a Linux system that subscribes to Concur Solutions for expense export/imports.
Uncheck this box if this is a Windows system or Concur Solutions is not used.

This is the directory where the data transfer files are to be placed by the scripts.

This is the company prefix added to each Concur file to identify them by company.

This is the G/L Bank account that is used for the credit amount when the transaction is imported in Miscellaneous G/L Transactions.

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