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System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System -> Company & Divisions -> Company Parameters -> Software Integration -> Address Tools

By defining the URLS in these Address Tools configuration fields, a SHOW MAP button is provided in the following utilities to provide location and map directions from your store to and from the customer's site:

There are many locator and map app's that your firm as the application user, could choose to link to Texada SRM, and operators other than SCS, have the ability to enter a preferred URL.
When these URL fields are updated or modified an audit record is written to the Audit Log.

Note: Being the vendor of Texada SRM, Texada staff does not have access to these fields according to the legal software vendor agreement.

Mapping Tools:
Enter the URL (Universal Resource Locator) path name of the search engine to be used for the address locator with the associated xml format for the address.
e.g. http://www.Search Engine<city>+s=<state>+a=<addr>+z=<zip>

Note: The relevant xml string can be found by searching on the Internet for Search Engine Name maps API URL

Enter the URL path name and the associated xml instructions to define the map direction co-ordinates for starting point and destination.
e.g. http://www.Search Engine<fcity>+fs=<fstate>+fa=<faddr>+fz=<fzip>+tc=<tcity>+ts=<tstate>+ta=<taddr>+tz=<tzip>

Use of embedding the map window versus opening a new window for the map depends on the environment such as Open Client web browser or the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) Windows Client, and what mapping software is called.
Not everything is going to work in all situations. What works for MFC client will not necessarily work in Open client, and not all mapping software will open correctly in both MCF and OC.
Your company needs to decide on whether maps will be called mostly from the MFC client or Open Client and on what software will be used and then whether to activate the "Open in New Window" option depending on what works and what doesn't.

Check this box to always open the map view in a new window.
The current window will still open to provide access to the Division field, DIRECTIONS and ADDRESS buttons as outlined in the Map Location window.

Uncheck this box to only ever open the map view in the existing window.

This field can be used to define a place holder to replace any spaces in the text depending on the URL requirement.
e.g. _ ( underscore )

Note: To experiment with these options, click the TEST button to test the map window based on the store location.

Site Address Validation:
This Site Address Validation uses a Third Party System to verify the address and append the full zip code with the +4 extension. This can be useful to ensure clean Vertex taxing information.

When a Customer Site is setup or a Site is saved on a document including a Quote or the "All-In-One" document, the Confirm Shipping Address window is triggered where the address is checked against the external API and if a match is found the zip+4 is appended.
If no address match is found, the Current address is displayed and the user is prompted to select which value should be used to match and validate the address before the zip+4 is appended.

Note: This feature is currently restricted to custom requests so contact Texada Support if you required this activated.

The Site Address validation feature uses the USPS - United States Postal Service for validation.

Enter the token your firm has been assigned.

This field is not required for USPS

Select the country from the drop-down list.

The 'Site Address Validation' will only be applied to Sites and documents for Customers that have been assigned this exact Country code in the Customer Information so it is important that the Country Codes list be maintained with only one code per Country to ensure validation is respected.

Check this box to generate debug logs to track issues.

A window is provided to access the logs in View Application Log.

Note: To experiment with these options, click the TEST button to test the address validation.

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