Approval Plus

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System -> Company & Divisions -> Company Parameters -> Software Integration -> Approval Plus

Approval Plus is a third-party company that handles Purchasing, Receiving and Invoicing.
Refer to for details on this application.

Contact Approval Plus for information is on the configuration values.
To ensure system functionality only the SCS operator can change directory fields.

When activated:

To reduce data mismatch errors when data is being transferred the Vendor Terms Descriptions can be standardized.
This is only enforced when the Valid Vendor Terms Required flag is set in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters, so that only terms defined in the Vendor Terms Descriptions table can be assigned in the Vendor Information.

The Import Approval Plus AP Invoices can be used to upload the AP invoices into SRM.

Note: This Approval Plus feature is only available for Linux systems.

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