Select Card Type

Global Texada Pay Payment Method -> Select TP Method of Payment window -> Select Card Type

Capture Card/Check on File -> Select Card Type

Back Office Menu -> Cycle Billing -> Cycle Billing - Generate Invoices -> with Texada Pay -> Select Card Type

This window is triggered if the Texada Pay feature has been activated and the payment amount made by the customer is by debit card, credit card or on-file as determined by selecting the 'Manual', Terminal' or the 'Card/Check-On-File' option from the Select TP Method of Payment window.
It is also triggered from Capture Card/Check on File to select to capture an Electronic Check or a Credit Card on file for use on future payments.

Refer to Taking the Payment Options and Explanations for information on the different payment process methods.

Note: This window briefly displays in Cycle Billing - Generate Invoices when invoices are created to indicate that the auto-pay invoices are being processed, where the selection buttons are all disabled as no operator action is required during this process.

Select a Card Type:
To select a Card Type using Texada Pay, click one of the following buttons to process the card type correctly:

Click CREDIT CARD if the card is a Credit Card such as Visa, Amex, Mastercard, etc and is being used for this payment, or if a new Credit Card is being captured 'On File' in Capture Card/Check on File.

Click DEBIT CARD if the card being used for this payment is a Debit or Interac Card issued by a bank.
Whether it is a Debit or an Interac card is determined by the "Currency" assigned in the Company Information.
If the company currency is 'C' the Interac network is used, otherwise the U.S Debit network is used to process the transaction with the bank.

Click ELECTRONIC CHECK to utilize the ACH American 'Automated Clearing House' window as defined by OpenEdge or EFT Canadian 'Electronic Funds Transfer' cheque, to either capture the check information and to save the Check on file using Capture Card/Check on File, or to use a one-time check processed through Texada Pay.

Click CANCEL to abort this payment transaction.

Authorize Only with Texada Pay:
With Texada Pay when a Deposit payment is captured by using a Card Scanner or Terminal and the Prompt Auth Only For Credit Card flag in the Division Miscellaneous Parameters is YES, the operator is first prompted whether this is to be a CHARGE or an AUTHORIZE transaction.
Refer to Capture Customer Payment Options for details related to just Authorizing the deposit amount at this time.
The "Authorize only" option is not supported when the Card information is entered manually for Texada Pay.

Refund or Credit:
A refund can be entered as a negative dollar amount, usually in the same Methods of Payment that it was taken so that the same G/L Deposits Held account is updated by the change in value.
After the TP type is selected a list of the Cards or Checks on file are listed in the Payment/Deposit Search window.
Select the appropriate record.

With Texada Pay if the 'Refund Existing Payment Only' control is activated in the Texada Pay configuration, a one-time refund can only be given if it is less than or equal to an existing deposit transaction amount.
Some clearing houses will not approve a refund unless the original payment has been processed and approved so if a refund cannot be processed immediately the operator is given the option to add the Refund Request to the TP Pending Refund Queue table to be re-submitted to the clearing house at a later time.

Scan Actions:
After a Credit or Debit card is selected, the prompt "waiting for customer to swipe card" is displayed on the screen and the scan device will prompt the user to swipe the card.
When the transaction with the bank or credit company is completed or is cancelled, the message is updated and the operator should close the window.
After the window is closed, the SRM application will validate that the payment has been completed or failed.

Partial Payment:
If the amount authorized by the bank or credit card company is less than the amount requested, a pop-up message is triggered that the amount was less than requested, to alert the operator to get the outstanding amount in a different payment method such as Cash, if required.

Select Existing On File Card/Check
If the payment method was Type 'FILE*' the Credit Card / Electric Payment Search window is generated displaying Checks or for Credit Card saved On File for the customer.
On File Cards or Checks can be identified in the Customer Credit Cards if the 'Payer ID' in the expanded record has been assigned by Texada Pay.

In Open Client sessions, the embedded window will appear in a frame, with a 'Close' link at the top.
In the MFC Client, it will be a popup window, with the 'OK' button in the bottom.

Note: The version of window displayed by Select Card Type capture card data can be controlled by SCS staff by the "Activate Global Payments" flag.

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