Override Logistics Ticket Status

Utilities Menu -> Counter -> Override Logistics Ticket Status

This utility can be useful to correct Delivery and Pickup tickets for a Contract, where the Logistics system has not properly updated the status of items on tickets.
Active and completed Pickup and Delivery tickets generated by Descartes, Cuberoute or Texada Web, can be corrected by overriding the item 'State' code and the quantity 'Completed' or quantity 'Loaded'.

Changes to tickets are reflected in Delivery / Pickup Dispatch.

To access this utility Descartes or Texada Web must be activated in Logistics and the operator must have the Modify Texada Web Delivery/Pickup Ticket Qtys option checked in the "Texada Web/Rental Logic" window of the Security Role Permissions.

The prompts are:

Enter the relevant contract number or select it from the Contract Search window.

Select the type of ticket, either Delivery or Pickup from the radio group.

Enter the ticket number or select it from the drop-down box.

Resulting Ticket Details

Ticket details can only be modified and only display when:

  • The contract detail is still off-rent
  • The current Status is not 'A' for auto-closed as ticket quantities cannot be changed on completed/closed tickets.

The product number and the quantity on the ticket detail line are displayed and the sequence number matches the transaction number on the ticket.

The values recorded by the Driver are displayed and can be modified including the current 'Completed' and 'Loaded' count, the 'Status' code with description, the 'Stop' date & time, and Exception code with description.

Changes to ticket details are reflected in Delivery / Pickup Document Details.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Override Logistics Ticket Status screen include:

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