Texada Web Access

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security Tab -> General Settings -> Operators -> TEXADA WEB button -> Texada Web Access

This utility can be used to view an operator's Texada Web permissions, and also provides the ability to enable/disable access by division, and to update the operator's security roles.
Texada Web can be activated in the Logistics tab. The prompts are:

The Driver code and name are displayed if the driver has already been assigned to this operator in the Drivers table.
With Texada Web only one unique driver can be assigned to an operator across all divisions having the same System ID.

If no driver has been assigned, a driver can be selected from the Driver Search window.

All operators for this System ID are listed with the following information:
The division code is displayed for reference.
The operator code is displayed for reference.
The division description is displayed for reference.

This field tracks the Employee assigned as the Mechanic for Texada Web W.O. service.

The associated employee number and name are displayed if already assigned in the Operators Codes record.
If no employee has been assigned, an employee can be selected from the Employee Search window.

The employee must be consistent across the operator's division records where Texada Web is enabled, but a unique employee can only be assigned for the operator at divisions where Texada Web is NOT enabled.

The enabled check box can be modified to control whether the operator/division record should have access to TEXADA WEB.

The Texada Web roles defined for the operator role in the Miscellaneous window of the Security Role Permissions are displayed, where:
D - Dispatch with access to assign drivers to Delivery/Pickup assignment and mechanics to Work Orders
M - Mechanic with access to complete Work Orders on the Mobile device
T - Tickets with access to complete Delivery and Pickup Tickets on the Mobile device
Y - In Yard with access to complete product returns on the Mobile device

A window is provided to view and modify the Security Roles assigned to the Operator Code.

For more information on Texada Web configuration refer to Logistics.

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