Maintain External Resource URL

Utilities Menu -> Inventory Control -> Maintain External Resource URL

An external resource URL can be defined to provide more information about a bulk or non-bulk rental product.
This feature utilizes a QR (Quick Response) image to supply resource reference that is used by the 'Texada Web' In-Yard Returns.

This SRM utility can be used to view and update URLs for rental products by Class or by Group, also providing the ability to assign a URL to a bulk list of products.
Access to update the Resource URL field and to this utility is controlled by the operator Security Role Permissions to Assign/Remove External Resource URL in the "Miscellaneous" controls window.

The 'Resource URL' field can be assigned in the Rental Information window of the Rental Inventory for bulk and non-bulk rental equipment that is flagged to as 'Inventory', and in Update Product Rental Information, and the URL is displayed in the Detailed Inventory Inquiry and Inventory Inquiry.

Note: Rental Product Classes flagged as 'Re-Rent' classes cannot be updated by this utility.

The prompts are:

Leave this field blank to include products from all Rental Product Classes, or to use a class filter enter the specific Class or select it from the Product Class Search window.

Leave this field blank to include rental products from all Groups, or to use a class filter enter the specific Group or select it from the Group Search window.

Note: If neither the Class or Group filter are used, the operator must confirm that the output is to be generated for all products as this could be a length table.

Resulting Product List:
The resulting list of products includes bulk and non-bulk rental products flagged in Rental Inventory as in 'Inventory'.
The rental products are listed in product number order.

The rental product primary descriptions are displayed.

Any existing URL is displayed and this can be modified as required.
The URL path needs to be valid and work in a browser, where Linux web servers are case sensitive and Windows web servers are not.

Once a 'Resource URL' is assigned, click the Link icon in this column to view / test the URL link.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Maintain External Resource URL screen include:

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