Asset Finance Report and Posting

General Ledger Menu -> Inventory Postings -> Asset Financing GL Posting -> Asset Finance Report and Posting

Reports Menu -> Automatic Reporting -> Function AFHDR09 -> runs Asset Finance Report and Posting

This program generates spreadsheet output and completes the posting to the General Ledger of the initial setup of any new Asset Finance Contracts, and the monthly payment postings out of the G/L Bank account according to the Asset Finance schedules setup for relevant non-bulk equipment in the Asset Financing Information tables.

This posting action can also be setup to be run by the Automatic Reporting using function AFHDR09 to email the report to specified addresses.
The report does not run at all if there are previous months to run or there are any dates outside of the Date Range Control set for AFIN

Enter the Cut-Off Date for this run.
The program reads the Finance schedules for products in the Asset Financing Information detail tables and lists any unprocessed payments in the month up to and including the Cut-Off Date.
The report can be run regularly throughout the month to ensure the G/L Bank account is up-to-date and reconciled with the actual Bank statement.

Error Conditions:

Resulting Spreadsheet Output:
There are three Tabs included on the resulting spreadsheet including:

Posting to General Ledger:
After the spreadsheet has been generated the "Report Print OK?" prompt is triggered.

Click YES if the spreadsheet output is correct. The transactions listed on Tab 3 will be posted to the G/L and the Fin Post checkbox on the corresponding payment records in the Asset Financing Information tables will be marked as posted.
Once posted the GL transactions associated with a payment can be viewed in the G/L Postings for Finance Schedule window in the Asset Financing Information payment detail tables.

Click NO to abort the posting action, so the GL is not updated and the Asset Finance Report and Posting can be run again for this date.

Posting Control:
This Asset Finance Report and Posting program and the Asset Finance Interest Report and Posting are designed to be run by one operator at a time.
Locking will occur if another operator attempts to run the program at the same time, or if the first operator did not exit the posting program correctly.
A Posting Control Information warning will appear on the screen preventing the second operator from proceeding, and only operators with Security Role permission to the 'Reset Asset Finance Posting' flag will have access to the RESET button that unlocks the program.
Whenever the posting control flag for Asset Finance Report and Posting is reset, an audit record is written to the Delete Log for the Function AFHDR10.

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