Asset Finance Summary Report

General Ledger Menu -> Inventory Postings -> Asset Financing GL Posting -> Asset Finance Summary Report

This report can be used to reconcile the Asset Financing Information schedule against the G/L Balance Sheet accounts for the Loan Liability account and the Term Interest account.
The prompts include:

Accept the first day of the current month or over-type it with a preferred start date.

Accept today's date or over-type it with a preferred end date for the output.

Check this box to only include posted payment transactions that have been processed by the Asset Finance Report and Posting.
Uncheck this box to include all payment transactions scheduled in this time period regardless of the posting status.

Finished ?
Click Accept to generate the spreadsheet output.

Resulting Spreadsheet Output:
The Asset Finance Summary lists the payment information in this date range by Product number, with product Description Asset Tag#, Finance Vendor and Name, Finance Contract number.
The 'Principal Balance' column displays the "End Balance" on the last scheduled payment as of the cut-off date (To Date) of the report.
The 'Total Interest' column is the total accumulated interest on all the payments in the selected period (From Date to To Date) of the report.

Topic Keyword: AFHDR11 (6654)
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