G/L Postings for Finance Schedule

Inventory Control Menu -> Rental Inventory -> Financing Options -> Asset Financing Information -> Financing Payment details -> GL window -> G/L Postings for Finance Schedule

Once there are any Finance postings generated for this schedule from the Asset Finance Report and Posting, or Interest postings generated from Asset Finance Interest Report and Posting, then this G/L Postings for Finance Schedule window is provided to view the posted General Ledger transactions.

The G/L transactions for the start-up Interest Liability, and for the Payment Interest and Principal postings include the Trx number, GL Account number, Division, Date, Debit amount or Credit Amount.

Note: The Bank posting for the payments are not reflected in this inquiry, as the dollar amount for all Finance Contracts on that date are combined into one GL transaction to Credit the Bank.

Topic Keyword: AFHDR14 (6659)
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