Texada Pay Payment Log - Inquiry

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Account Inquiry -> Details screen -> TEXADA PAY button -> Texada Pay Payment Log Inquiry

This utility can be used to build a list of the payments generated through Texada Pay for this customer.
This history can be filtered by Card Type, Date Range, and Status.
This information is also available for multiple customers and can be output to a report or spreadsheet from the Texada Pay Payment Log.

The filters for the inquiry are:

Select one of the following types of transactions from the drop-down list:

Accept the default start day of 10 days ago or enter a preferred starting for the transaction range.
Accept to-day's date for the cut-off transaction date or enter a preferred ending date for the range.

Select or deselect each of the Status filters for the transaction results:

Click the ACCEPT button to generate the list or CANCEL to abort.

Resulting List:
The resulting list displays the Texada Pay transactions generated by this customer regardless of any parent/child relationship.
Some of the data fields returned for the selection range include:
- Card/Check Type of A = EFT, C = Credit, I = Interac
- Source where applicable such as: - Capture or the Document number where applicable
- Transaction Date and Time
- Dollar Amount
- Status of the transaction
- Payment Method or Void flag for Credit Card cancelled - Transaction Type of: - Issuer for Credit Cards only

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