SCS - Reverse Inventory Adjustments

This is a Texada Support maintenance utility that is not on a standard menu.

When an Inventory quantity adjustment utility is run in error, this restore tool can be used to recover the "inventory location" count that was incorrectly altered in View Inventory Quantity Changes.

This reverse utility backs out changes made from the following:

Reset Product Quantity to Zero
Rental Inventory and Sales Inventory maintenance
Auto Receive Non-Bulk Rental Item
Move Inventory to Another Location
Count Merchandise Inventory By Store
Write-Off Merchandise Inventory
On Hand Qty by Location by Bin
Product Quantity Adjustment
Clone Rental & Sales Products

Note: It is not a concern if ongoing sales activity has changed the quantity numbers, as the quantity increase/decrease is based on the RSIA record. This means that this reverse process does not just reset the old quantity back. It resets the difference at the time of the increase/decrease action.
Example: If a product adjustment was made from 10 to 6 (decrease of 4) and then 5 were sold, reversing the adjustment would just add 4 to current inventory.

To run this reverse action enter the Date Of the original Adjustment, the From/To Time range when the original Adjustment was run and the Function that made the original Adjustment.
Example: RSPF94 for Reset Product Quantity to Zero

Note: The reversing quantity transactions are written as of the current date/time and can be viewed in View Inventory Quantity Changes.

Rerun Warning: It is important to be aware that if the same Function is entered and the program is run for the same date range multiple times in this restore program that the products could be also updated multiple times.

An audit record is written to track this quantity change, that can be viewed in the View Inventory Quantity Changes window.

Post the reversing quantity values changes using Post Inventory Adjustments.

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