Auto Service Code Override

Counter Menu -> Contract Details -> Contract Summary and Totals -> Contract Services -> Automatic window -> Auto Service Code Override

When service charges setup to bill automatically such as Re-stocking Fees, EPA fees, and product or Group related charges, are auto-added to the document they can be billed a flat rate or can be based on a percent of the amount charged for the associated product.
This window on the Contract Services provides the ability to adjust the auto-added service charges on the contract.
Refer to Services for service setup details on this feature.

Product associated Service Charges are not charged if the customer is setup to Ignore Auto Services for ALL or selected services defined in the Customer Information.
The ability to change the system calculated charge on a document for an automatic service, is controlled in the Services setup by the Allow Edit of Automatic Services flag.

The prompts are:

The Service Code selected from the Contract Services displays for reference.

Uncheck this box if this service charge should not be modified on this document.

Check this box to change the service charge amounts on this document and select to calculate the new amount as a Flat Amount or as a Percent of Rental.

Enter a dollar amount to charge per eligible unit on this document or leave this field blank to bill by a Percent of Rental.

If the Flat Amount field was left blank a percent can be entered to charge a percent of the rental charge for this service per eligible unit on the contract.
An acceptable range can be defined by the following Min/Max fields.
Leave this field blank if there is no cap on this Service charge or enter a maximum amount allowed to bill.
Leave this field blank if there is no minimum on this Service charge or enter a minimum amount allowed to bill.

Note: The Override values of 'Flat Amount' and 'Percent' with 'Min/Max' are applied per Unit, whether there is multiple quantity on the same product detail line or whether there are more than one product detail lines that auto-bill the same service.
Only the total for the auto-billed service is displayed and printed on the document.

When finished, click ACCEPT to exit the Service Override window.

Over-ride Security:
If an auto-service charge billing amount is overridden on the Contract an audit record is written to the Override Report with the document number, operator, date/stamp and override details.

Topic Keyword: INSC05 (7109)
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