Clone Rental Quote

Counter Menu -> Quotations Menu -> Rental Quotes -> CLONE button -> Clone Rental Quote

This clone quote process provides the ability to copy a Rental Quote to a new document without modifying the source quote.
This allows "Standard" generic quotes to be setup that can be cloned repeatedly to generate actual Rental Quotes always leaving the original source document intact.

The prompts to clone an estimate are:

Enter the "Standard" or source Rental Quote number from which to clone, or select one from the Quotation Search window.

Accept the default customer number from the source Quote or enter the new customer number or select one from the Accounting Customer Search window.

Note: If the customer is changed, any discounts will also be change to reflect the customer's discounts.

Leave this field blank if a Site does not apply or enter the site or select one from the Site Search window.

Accept the date out of the source rental document or enter the preferred date.

Date Range Control:
If the operator does not have date range override permission, to help prevent data entry errors the date is checked against the current Date Range allowed for "RSQH" as defined in Date Range Control.

Note: If the operator does not have date range override permission and the date out of the source document is prior to the earliest allowed date for RSQH in Date Range Control, then the default 'From Date' will reflect that earliest allowed date instead of the actual date on the source quote and the 'To Date' or due back date will respect the same rental period defined on the source Quote.
Dates can be over-typed within the range as required.

Accept the default date due back of the source rental document or enter the preferred return date.
These dates are used to calculate the estimated rental billings on the new quote.

Click ACCEPT to initiate the copy, or CANCEL to abort.

Clone Quote Results:
The new Rental Quote is created as explained in Rental Quotes and can be modified as required.

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