Customer PO Warning

Back Office Menu -> Cycle Billing -> Bill A Single Contract -> Customer PO Warning

Counter Menu -> Rental Returns -> Customer PO Warning

Customers that require a specific Purchase Order number on each Invoice can be configured in the Customer Information with the "PO Required" flag set to Yes/Warn, so that a P.O.# is mandatory on all Quotes, Reservations, Contracts, Invoices and Work Orders, and when a Contract for that customer is billed in the Rental Return or in Bill A Single Contract this warning dialogue box is generate to alert the operator of this PO requirement and to allow the PO# to be updated.

The Existing P.O.# currently on the source Contract is displayed. The P.O.# can be accepted or changed.
The P.O.# is then reflected on the source Contract and the resulting Invoice.

Note: Each billing updates the PO# on the source Contract and no audit log tracks this change in PO#.

Topic Keyword: RSCD34E (7134)
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