Print Receipt / Reprint Receipt

Customer Payment Received / Deposit Taken / Invoice Paid -> Print Receipt or Reprint Receipt

When a customer payment is captured in any of the following programs the option to print or email a receipt is provided if the 'Prompt for Payment Receipt' feature is activated in the Company Customer Forms Configuration settings.

Counter Payments
Customer Payments

Contract Deposits
Reservation Deposits
Sales Order Deposits
Work Order Deposits
Counter Worksheet Deposits

Contract Summary and Totals
Invoice Totals and Services
Reservation Summary and Totals
Sales Order Totals
Sales Order Invoice Totals
Work Orders

Convert Quote to Contract
Convert Quote to Reservation
Convert Reservation to Contract

Most of the Payment Receipts print only the header information on the Jasper form including: the store name and address, the associated document number, customer number, customer name, address and phone number.
The payment header information includes the dollar amount received with the date, payment method and any comment.
The payment details list the invoices paid with invoice date, amount paid and discounts given.

The options include:

Select one of the following actions:
  • Select Email to email the receipt to the valid Customer Contacts flagged in Contact Information to receive 'Payment Receipts' or to a preferred address.
  • Select PDF to output the receipt to a Jasper document.
  • Select No Thanks if no receipt is required at this time.

Click OK to execute the selection.

If the receipt was printed or emailed then the receipt output selection is triggered a second time to provide a second output choice, with the exception of Counter Payments.
A receipt from a Counter Payments can still be printed later from Print Payment Receipt.

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