Payment/Deposit Search

Global Texada Pay Payment Method -> Select TP Method of Payment window -> Select Card Type Payment/Deposit Search

Method of Payment Field (with Texada Pay) -> Payment Type of 'FILE*' (on File) -> Select Card Type -> ELECTRONIC CHECK or CREDIT CARD -> Payment/Deposit Search

A refund can be entered as a negative dollar amount, usually in the same Methods of Payment that it was taken so that the same G/L Deposits Held account is updated by the change in value.

With Texada Pay if the 'Refund Existing Payment Only' control is activated in the Texada Pay configuration, a one-time refund can only be given if it is less than or equal to an existing deposit transaction amount. This window lists all the payments on the document that can possibly be refunded.

Search Results:
The search result reflects the Card or Check information based on the function that called for the Search.

The information displayed includes the date the Payment Method, amount, masked Card# where only the last few digits of the card/check are retained and the Name on the Card or Check on file.

The list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required.

To select a value from the displayed list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

With Texada Pay some clearing houses will not approve a refund unless the original payment has been processed and approved so if a refund cannot be processed immediately the operator is given the option to add the Refund Request to the TP Pending Refund Queue table to be re-submitted to the clearing house at a later time.

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