Confirm Shipping Address

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Site -> Confirm Shipping Address

Counter Menu -> Quotations Menu -> Sale Approval Quotation -> Confirm Shipping Address

This 'Site Address Validation' uses a Third Party System (USPS - United States Postal Service) to verify the address and append the full zip code with the +4 extension. This can be useful to ensure accurate shipping addresses for clean Vertex taxing information.

The 'Site Address Validation' will only be applied to Sites and documents for Customers that have been assigned this exact Country code in the Customer Information so it is important that the Country Codes list be maintained with only one code per Country to ensure validation is respected.
This 'Confirm Shipping Address' window is then only triggered on the Site if the ZIP code is not complete with the +4 extension.

When a Customer Site is setup or a Site is saved on a document including a Quote or the "All-In-One" document, this 'Confirm Shipping Address' window is triggered where the address is checked against the external API and if a match is found the zip+4 is appended.
If no address match is found, the Current address is displayed and the user is prompted to select which value should be used to match and validate the address before the zip+4 is appended.

This window enforces mandatory Ship to City, and mandatory ship to Postal Code/ZIP settings.
The VALIDATE button will re-validate the address based on the "Current Address" field.
The USE button will copy the "Validated Address" as returned by the validation action, to the "Current Address" field.
Then UNDO" button will reset the "Current Address" to the original values from when the window opened.
"Accept" closes the window and updates the Customer Site or document shipping Site address from the final "Current Address" fields.

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